Be Finer in 2015

The Centennial Commission presents


What It Means to Be a Finer Woman in the 21st Century

The Anthology is dedicated to our Founders and has:

  • More than 300 pages of Articles, Poems, Stories and Photos with an emphasis on Finer Womanhood
  • Various perspectives of what it means to be a Finer Woman from our International President Mary Breaux Wright, all of our living Past International Presidents, Doves, Sorors, Amicae and Youth Groups.
  • Previously published articles on Finer Womanhood from 1936 Blue Book and prior Archons
  • A dedication to Triumphant Soror Amber Pratcher who compiled a Pictorial Journey of Finer Womanhood


Download and share with a Zeta Chapter so they can be a part of the Journey!!


Thank you to the First 20 chapters to purchase the Anthology and becoming 2020 Group Visionaries between 9/1/2015 and 12/31/2015

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