Zeta Author Showcase

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the nationally recognized bookstore MahoganyBooks have partnered together to feature a Zeta Author Showcase at the Washington D.C. Convention Center. Members of the Sorority who are published authors will have the opportunity to apply for this amazing experience from 9/5/2019 – 10/30/2019. The selected Zeta Authors will have an opportunity to be featured on the Centennial EXPO “Center Stage” via an Interview or Panel Discussion and coordinate book sales/signing through MahoganyBooks after the interview or panel discussion. The Zeta Author showcase will take place during the open EXPO dates of 6/25/2020 – 6/27/2020

Zeta Author Details

  • Up to 15 Zeta authors will be selected and featured in a Zeta Author Showcase at the Washington Convention Center during the Zeta Centennial June EXPO on Center Stage.
  • Zeta Authors can apply regardless of their financial status.
  • Traditional, Self and Independently Published books will be considered.
  • A Center Stage interview or panel discussion with each Author will be scheduled during the time from 1:30-2:30pm on Thursday, June 25; Friday, June 26; or Saturday, June 27.
  • The interview or panel discussion schedule will be determined by MahoganyBooks.
  • Zeta Authors will work with MahoganyBooks to sell their books and must be available for at least an hour following their interview to sign books and/or at another time agreed to by MahoganyBooks and the Zeta Author.
  • Zeta Authors are not allowed to bring their own book supply to the Washington D.C. Convention Center and must have them facilitated by MahoganyBooks per their direction in advance of the event.
  • An Author agreement with MahoganyBooks will include payment terms and details.
  • MahoganyBooks will determine the number of copies of a book(s) that an Author can provide for the Centennial EXPO.


Please email additional questions.

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Featured Zeta Authors

Authors Name Alicia Norman
Book Title Where Do Black Girls Go To Cry?
Book Genre Urban Fiction
Authors Name Catherine Barnes
Book Title Sister, Why You Hate Me? Ending the Cycle of Sister to Sister Destruction
Book Genre Self-Help / Empowerment
Authors Name Crystal Ballenger
Book Title The Bossette Breakthrough: The Roadmap to More Love, Faith and Freedom
Book Genre Self-Help
Authors Name Cynthia Elliott
Book Title ABCs That Make Cent$; tools needed to successfully climb your financial ladder to wealth
Book Genre Finance – Self-Help
Authors Name Delonna Brown
Book Title Hi! My Name is Xadian
Book Genre Children’s Mental Health
Authors Name Janelle Simmons
Book Title Waist Does Not Equal Worth: The Curvy Doc’s Guide to Positive Self-Esteem
Book Genre Self-Help
Authors Name Mary Grant
Book Title My Daddy Taught Me To Read
Book Genre Children’s Book
Authors Name Monica Anderson
Book Title Success Is A Side Effect
Book Genre Personal Growth, Self-Help
Authors Name Monica Leak
Book Title No More Hashtags Remembrance and Reflections
Book Genre Poetry
Authors Name Morgan Venzant
Book Title The College Project; The Adventures of Grandma V
Book Genre Children’s Fiction
Authors Name Rochelle Alers
Book Title The Seaside Cafe
Book Genre Fiction
Authors Name Dr. Serelda  Herbin
Book Title From At Risk To At The Top
Book Genre Inspirational
Authors Name Shira Smith
Book Title The Drama of Being A Teen
Book Genre Young Adult
Authors Name Syleecia Thompson
Book Title Rhythm Without Blues: The Dichotomy of a Music Genre
Book Genre Nonfiction
Authors Name Tinisha Poitier
Book Title I’m Living Truth
Book Genre Self Development, Motivation, Plant Based

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Zeta Author Showcase Timeline

9/5/2019 – 10/30/2019:
Accepting Submissions

Approved Zeta Authors Announced

6/25/2020 – 6/27/2020:
Zeta Author EXPO Interviews / Panel Discussion