Individual Zetas, Chapters, States or Regions can now purchase 25 or more copies of a Centennial Publication and receive a credit toward their Visionary Account.

Visionary Order Details

  • The Individual Zeta, Chapter, State or Regional Visionary Account will receive the following credit for EACH book ordered towards their Individual or Group Visionary account.
    • Devotional: Faith of our FoundersPrice $20.20 each / Credit $14.00 for each book ordered
    • Special Edition Passport: The Warrior Princess – Journey to Centennial Passport – Price: $20.20 each / Credit $15.00 for each book ordered
    • BLUE- Journey to Centennial PassportPrice $20.20 / Credit $15.00 for each book ordered
    • WHITE – Journey to Centennial PassportPrice $20.20 / Credit $15.00 for each book ordered
  • The Individual or Group Visionary Account must be created BEFORE you place the order for the Centennial Publication.
  • For questions about the 2020 Visionaries, email:

Order Details

  • The Chapter Tamias for Chapters, State and Regions must complete the order form for Bulk Orders.
  • Individual Zetas will need to complete the form to complete the bulk order.
  • The approximated cost for shipping in the United States is $16.00 for an order of 25 books. The cost may be more for larger or express orders.
  • The Minimum quantity for a Visionary Account credit is a purchase of 25 books.
  • Upon completing this form you will receive confidential emails with details confirming your order and Visionary credit.
  • The acceptable forms of payment are Credit Card, Debit Card or check.
  • Orders will be processed daily. Please allow 10-15 days for standard shipping and delivery of your order.
  • Visionary Credits can NOT be shared or reallocated to another Visionary account.
  • All Sales are Final.
  • The Centennial Publication cannot be sold for more than individual retail price + shipping.
  • For questions please email