Chapters, States and Regions

The Centennial Commission is proud to announce the launch of the Chapter, States and Regions 2020 Visionary Program.  Group Benefits and Levels are listed below.

CSR Group Visionaries

Group Benefit Levels

Download and Share with a Zeta Chapter so they can also be a part of the Journey!!!

Category Crystal Donor Sapphire Donor Silver Donor Platinum Donor Diamond Donor
Amount $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $10,000
Recognition at the January 2020 Founders’ Gala
Recognition at Regional Conference when level is achieved (announcement only)
Recognition Ribbon(s) for Individual Soror’s Name Badge that highlight CSR donor level at Centennial
Custom designed official Centennial donor logo to be used on CSR website (Trademark restricted use)
CSR names will be placed in a special section of the Centennial Website
CSR name listed in Centennial Journal/Yearbook
Custom designed Centennial certificate to be presented at Centennial
Highlighted on Centennial Facebook and Twitter pages quarterly beginning Oct 2015
CSR names to be placed on Centennial Donor Wall to be placed in IHQ
CSR names to be listed on National Monument
Custom designed Banner (for final level); Display/Received at Centennial
CSR Picture in Centennial Journal/Yearbook (Page size) (1/4) (1/2) (Full)
Special interactive teleconference with Grand and Centennial Chair (chapter level only)