2020 Savings Plan
Centennial Savings Plan


  • The Centennial Savings Plan (CSP) may be used toward Wave 1 Combo – Registration, Wave 2 – Early Registration and Wave 3 – Regular Registration. The CSP can NOT be used for Wave 4 – Late Registration.
  • The CSP amount paid into the plan as of the registration date will be used to determine the registration due.
  • The CSP plan will be terminated once the registration fee is paid.
  • Your CSP total payment will be applied directly to the registration system by the Centennial Commission Registration Team.
  • The CSP maximum donation will change to $800 from $900 on December 1, 2018.
  • If a member has paid more than $800 into the CSP prior to September 30, 2019, the balance will be applied to your choice of:
  • Any overage in the Wave 1 Combo Registration Fee
  • 2020 Visionary plan transfer if before September  30, 2019
  • Gift Certificate/Credit for Centennial Catalog;
  • Placing a name on the Monument;
  • Donation to Founders’ Endowed Scholarship Fund; or
  • Refund of the amount of the over payment upon registration.
Centennial Savings Plan FAQs

Note: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated – Centennial Savings Plan (CSP) offers a convenient method for planning and budgeting for the cost of Centennial Registration!!! The plan allows members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and Zeta Amicae to make payments towards the cost of Centennial Registration ONLY, over the next two years. The CSP is only available September 1, 2017 – September 1, 2019. The CSP is NOT available for other types of Centennial related expenses such as travel, meals, or lodging, nor is it to be used for dues or any other sorority assessment.

The Centennial Savings Plan (CSP) is effective September 1, 2017 – September 30, 2019 and applies to Wave 1, 2 and 3 Registration dates of the  2020 Centennial Celebrations at the rate of EARLY REGISTRATION ONLY.