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List last updated 2/5/19

040 Divas
10 Zhades of Purr-fection
1st Anti Basileus Sister Circle
2020 SOS Centennial Sisterhood Circle
3 Dimensional
34 Pearls of Wisdom
3ZOM ( 3 Zeta’s on a Mission)
4 Divine Dimenzionz of Blue
4 PoZPHItively Finer Doves
4 The Love of Zeta
4 The Love of Zeta
4 Zetas on the move
5 CoheZive PearlZ
5 Distinguished Pearls
5 Dovely Divaz
5 Dovely Ladies of Zeal
5 Finer Woman Prepping Others for Success
5 Finer Women Helping Others Dress for Success
5 Fit and Finer Women
5 Fit, Finer, and Virtuous Doves
5 Fly DoveZ
5 Flyer DoveZ
5 Flyest DoveZ
5 Heartbeatz 18
5 HeartZ of Eternity
5 Pearls of Royalty
5 Pearly Sisters
5 Pearlz and a Dove
5 PointZ of Light
5 Principlez of the Dove
5 S.W.E.E.T. BlueZ (Shopping, Women of healthy lifestyles, Excelling in life, Encouraging others, Traveling the world)
5 Shades of Blue
5 ShadeZ of Blue I
5 States of Zeta
5 The FINERway
5 Who Care
5 Zesty Zetas
5-Blue-tiful IPZ 2015
7 Cities 5 Pearls
71 South Side Sistas
757 Finer Doves
757 Phiner Phenoms
9-5 Doves
A Blue MaZterpiece
A Circle of F.I.N.E.R. Women
A Stroke of Blue
Achieving Divas Sister Circle I
Achieving Divas Sister Circle II
Always Finer
Always KAptivating
Amicae 2nd to None
Ao Katana
Arizona’s Girls
Arkansas Legacy of Doves
Arts & Wine Connoisseurs I- Lovers of Wine and Art
Arts & Wine Connoisseurs II- Lovers of Wine and Art
Astounding Memphis Zetas in 2020
Au-Some Moms
Ava’s Legacy
B.L.A.C.C. PearlZ (BLUtifull Ladies Accomplished, Classy & Cute)
B.L.U.E. Storm
B.U.G.S. (Blutifully United & Gifted Sisters)
Baby Blue Sisters
Balancing ACTZ
Being a Legacy, Leaving a Legacy
Being a Legacy, Leaving a Legacy
Birmingham Zeta Educators
BizzyNewZeta Sisters
Black Doll Doves
Black Dove’s Rock
Blazing It Blue
Blazing Tracks of Sister’s for ZOL!
Bleu Chocolate by DeZign
Blu Berriez
Blu Blood Sistahs
Blu Doves
Blu Grace
Blu Pearls with Southern Soul
BluBy Dezign
Blue and White Radiance
Blue Attitude
Blue Avant-Garde
Blue Blazers
Blue Bloods
Blue Conference Sisters
Blue Connection
Blue Connection 2
Blue Delights
Blue Diamonds
Blue Harmony
Blue Heart Connection
Blue Hearts
Blue Inspiration
Blue Inspiration 2
Blue Inspiration 3
Blue Inspiration 4
Blue Island Pearlz
Blue Lives
Blue Pearlz
Blue Power
Blue ReelZ Review
Blue ReelZ Review 2
Blue ReelZ Review 3
Blue Ribbon Team
Blue Roses
Blue Sisters From AFAR (Always Focused About ReFINERy))
Blue Tranquility I
Blue Tranquility ll
Blue Uni-Z 5
Blue-Tiful Basileus (Chapter Past & Present)
Bluegrass Finest
Blueprint 5.0
Bluetiful Dove
Bluetiful PhaZe
Blunique Ladies of GalaxZ
BluRadianZe…The Finer VerZion
Blutiful Naturalistas
Blutiful Together
Blutifully Confuzed
BluWorld Travelz
BluWorld Travelz 2
BluZ La Sororite’
Bold Beautiful Bald Zeta Sister Circle
Bonding in the Spirit of Zeta
Book Club Becoming Michelle Obama
Bosom Buddiez
Boule’ Beauties
Bourgee’ Blue Zeta’s
BridgeZ of Blue
BZ Sisters- DC Style
BZZ Tyler -Faithful
C-SUite Zetas
Campus Connections
Caribbean Pearlz
Caribbean Sistas of the Diaspora
Centennial Diamonds and Pearls
Centennial Doves
Chain 5
Cinematic PearlZ
CIrcle of Pearlz
classy ladies of blue
Classy LadieZ
Classy Sassy SistaZ
Coast to Coast Sistahs
Coastgirls Zetas
Code Blue: Sisters In Motion
Collectively Blessing
Collectively Blessing Too
Coming Home to Zeta
Congressional PearlZ
Crafty & Creative Finer Women
Crafty & Creative Finer Women 2
Creative Sisters of the Pearl
Cruising Zetas
Culinary Doves #1
Culinary Doves #2
Cultured Pearls
Cultured Pearls of the Dove
Cultured PearlZ
DecadeZ 2 Come
Dedicated Divas of the Dove
Destined to Discover
Destiny Warriors
Devoted Doves
DeZtined 4 Finer PearlZ
Diamonds & Pearlz
Diamondz and Pearlz 2
Dimes & Doves
DiverZe DivaZ
DiverZe SororZ
Divine 5
Divine EYAZ Book Club 1
Divine Vision of EnthuZiaZm
DMV Zetas
DMV Zetas Gs
Doctoral Divas 2
Doctoral Divas 3
Doctoral Divas 5
Doctoral Divas 5
Double Doves
Doveleys Sisterhood Circle
Dovely BlueZ
Dovely BlueZ
Dovely CreationZ
Dovely DestinationZ
Dovely Detroit Divas
Dovely Divas
Dovely Sisterhood
Dovely Teachers
Doves of a feather…..
Doves of Accountability 1
Doves of Destiny
Doves of Distinction
Doves of Distinction
Doves of Peace in Blue
Doves of the Oak
Doves on the Move
Doves Unleashed
Doves Who Protect and Serve
DREAM (Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude and Motivation)
Dynamic Diamonds of Mississippi
E-Lamb Unity Sister Circle
Elegantly Finer
Elite Transition
Empowered Doves
Erie Excellence
Exquisite Pearls
F.I.T. (Flexible, Intense, and Toned) Girls
Fab Five
Fab Five
Fab, Fierce, Five
Fabulously Finer
Fantab-U-Us Five
Fiducial Doves On A Mission
Fine Like Wine 1
Fine Like Wine 2
Fine Like Wine 2
Fine Like Wine Part 3
Finer & Fabulous
Finer 5
Finer 5
Finer and BLUtiful (FAB) Sisterz
Finer BiZness Women
Finer BiZness Women ll
Finer BiZness Women lll
Finer BruncheZ
Finer by Design
Finer Car Classics 2
Finer Chefz
Finer Couture
Finer Diners
Finer Doves 1
Finer Doves 2
Finer Faces: Zetas Who Love Beauty
Finer Family
Finer First Bloggers
Finer Fitbits
Finer Fitness
Finer Fitness Sisters
Finer Fitness Sisters
Finer Five
Finer For Life
Finer Journeys
Finer Knowledge Seekers
Finer MovementZ
Finer Pearls In 2020
Finer SideHustlers
Finer Sisters of Faith
Finer Sisters of The Dove
Finer SisterZ On The Run
Finer Social Workers
Finer Social Workers 2
Finer Social Workers 3
Finer Social Workers 4
Finer Social Workers 5
Finer Supper Club
Finer Texas Pearls
Finer Women Book Club – Devastating
Finer Women Book Club – Dovely
Finer Women Book Club – Illustrious
Finer Women Book Club – Phenomenal
Finer Women Read
Finer Women United to Growing and Grooming the Future of Tomorrow
Finest CraftZ
Fiscal & Finer
Fit and Finer 2020
Fit for the Founders
Fit, Fab and Finer
Fit, Finer and Fabulous
Five Distinguished Pearls
Five Distinguished Pearls
Five Finer Friends
Five Lovely Sisters
Five Pearls of TNT
Five PearlZ of Z-Excellence
Five the Fine Way
Flawless – Tau Pi Zeta of Riverview
For Love of Zeta
For Love of Zeta
Forever our Sister’s Keeper
From Nu Delta to Centennial – Our Sisterhood Journey
G.L.O.W.Ing I
G.L.O.W.Ing II
Georgia Gems
GirlZ, PearlZ and SportZ
Global PearlZ
GOZ Pearls
Grant Writing PearlZ
Greatest Great Lakes Past State Directors Alpha
Greatest Great Lakes Past State Directors Beta
Greek Connections 1
Greek Connections 2
Greek Connections 3
Greenville’s Finest
Happy in Zeta
Hattie Thombs
Helping Proffession
Hidden FigureZ
Hulu and Netflix Zetas
Hulu and Netflix Zetas
In the Footsteps of PearlZ
International BlueZ
International Zetas L.E.A.D
Internationally Finer
Iron Sharpens Iron
JaBritasha CheToya
Jazzing intoBoulé
Jazzy Centennial Doves
Journey to Legacy Circle
Joyful Sisters
Joyful Sisters
Just Us SisterZ
KC Brown SugarZ
KC Starlight Zetas
Keep them pearls on
Kindness Out of the Blue
Kindness Out of the Blue – 2
Kindness Out of the Blue – 3
King Legacy
Ladies in Zeta Blue
Ladies of H.O.P.E.
Ladies of the Dove
Ladies of the Dove 2
Lambda Eta’s FINEst Alumnae
LAZ- Sister of Faith
Leaders of Distinction
Leadership Bluz
Lonestar Doves
Love of the Dove
Lovely Doves
Lovely PearlZ
Lupus Sisters ZPHIB 2
Lupus Sisters ZPHIB1
Lupus Sisters ZPHIB1
Madison County Doves
Maryland “Crabzzzzz are us”
Melanated Curlfriends
Memory Makers
Ministering Doves
MOLT Sorors

MS Delta Doves I
MS Delta Doves II
MS Delta Doves III
Musical Doves
My Sister’s Keeper
My Sisters Keeper
My Sisters Keeper
My Sisters Keeper – UPLIFT
Natural Zetas
Naturally Finer
Naturally Finer
Never Too Late Sisters
New Doves on the Block
NFL “Notably Finer Ladies” Zetas
Nine 2 Five
No StrangerZ
Norma Oliver
Northland Sister Circle
Not So Shy MU I Spring 91
Nu Delta Spring 88
OBZ Legacy SC #1
One Dove
One Love, Five Doves
One Love, Five Pearls
One Shadow
Oregon on the Move
P.W.I.Z. : Positive Women In Zeta
Pacific Pals
PAN-AFRICAN Sisterhood Circle
Pearl Divas
Pearl Runnerz1
Pearl Runnerz2
Pearl Runnerz3
Pearl Runnerz4
Pearl Runnerz5
Pearl’s P.E.A.R.L.S.
PearliZed Five
Pearls Encourage Pearls
Pearls in PMZ
Pearls of Distinction
Pearls of Love
Pearls of Promise
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Zeta
Pearls with Pups
PearlZ & the ArtZ
PearlZ of Distinction
PearlZ of Essence
PearlZ of Royalty
PearlZ of Xi- Ep
PearlZ Uncovered
PearlZ with a PurpoZe
Penta Adelphe ( five sisters in Greek)
Persevering Pearls
Petty PearlZ
PHAB DoveZ: PHiner-Healthier-and-Balanced
PHAB PearlZ: PHiner-Healthier-and-Balanced
Phenomenal Circle of Hope
Phenomenal Pearls
Phenomenally Finer
Phenomenally Finer 5
Philly Zetas in South Jersey
Phiner by Nature
Phiner Phive
Phiner Phive
PHIner Proverbs 31 Women
Phiner Women
PHInomenal Doves
Phive Blutiful Doves
PHIve Finer Women
Phresh &Phiner
PinZ & Pearls
Platinum Diva’s
Plaxico Family Legacy
Polished Pearls
Positive Pearls
PoZitive Zenergy
PoZitively Zeta
Prayer WarriorZ
Precious and Finer
Precious Pearls
Preservation Pearlz
Prosaic Pearls
Prosperous Pearls
Purr-fect SisterZ
QDZ 2015 (1)
Quintessential Bleu
Quintessential Sistah
Rainbow Pearls (LGBTQIA+ Sorors)
Rated Z-7 #1
Rated Z-7 #2
Ravishing Rho Alpha Spring 2000
Read, Write & Blue
Ready to Serve
Refined Pearls
Refined Pearls
Region 2 Region
Remarkable 5 Blue GemstoneZ
Resurrected Pearlz
Riding Finer ~ 2020 Circle
Riding Finer ~ Faithful Circle
Riding Finer ~ Goings Circle
Riding Finer ~ Stemons Circle
Riding Finer ~ Tearte Circle
Riding Finer ~ Watts Circle
Riding Finer ~ Wright Circle
Riding Finer ~Neal Circle
Royal & Loyal
Royal Circle of Doves
Royal DiamondZ in Blu
Royal Elegance
Royal Fit and Finer 1
Royal Fit and Finer 2
Royal Fit and Finer 3
Royal Pearlz
Royal Refinement
Royal Reinforcements
Royal TreasureZ
S.I.S.T.E.R.S – Sorors In Support To Evolve and RedeFINE Self
S.T.E.A.M. Sisterhood
S.T.R.A.N.D. of Pearls (Sisters Taking Random Acts of kindness in New Directions
SALT Water Pearlz
San Antonio – Sisters for Service
Sapphire Dovez
Sapphire SisterZ
Sassy and Classy motivators
Sassy Divas
Savvy Ladies of Zeal
Sea “Service” Zetas
Selfie Sisters
Sensational STEM Doves III
Seoul Sisters
Servants of God
Serving Soror’s
SF Counselor for Zeta
Shades of Blue Fine WIne and Food Circle
Shadez of Royalty
ShipMateZ 2
SIC: Sisters In Control
Silver Sorors
SIS – Sisters In Spirit
Sistah Sistah
Sistah Sistah (part 2)
Sistah Soul DoveZ
Sister Circle of Dove Love
Sister Journey
Sister of Substance (S.O.S)
Sister Sister
Sisterhood Circle (Military)
Sisterhood Circle Engine
Sisterhood Circle for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and other Healthcare Professionals
Sisterhood of the Blue Shoes
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pearls
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pearlz
Sisterly Dovely
Sisters Beyond the Centennial
Sisters Forever
Sisters in Transition
Sisters in Transition
Sisters Living FINER
Sisters Making a Difference
Sisters of Destiny
Sisters of Faith
Sisters of Random Acts of Kindness
Sisters Of Service I
Sisters Of Service II
Sisters of the Apple
Sisters of the Dove
Sisters of the Zeal
Sisters of the ZEAL (Zeal for Zeta; Education, Academics, Leadership)
Sisters on a Journey
Sisters on a Mission
Sisters on the GO
Sisters on the Go
Sisters on the Move
Sisters Sisters
Sisters With Z.E.A.L: 90’s Edition
Sisters with Zeal
SisterZ Indeed
SisterZ of the Divine PearlZ
SisterZ on the Move
SIZ Movie Circle
So Sweet for Our Furry Feet
Soar to Fitnezz
SororZ with Dovely First NameZ
Soul PearlZ
Soul SistaZ – Service & Book Club
Soulful Strutters
Southern Bellez
StarZ and PearlZ
STEM Doves I
Stemons Sister Circle
Straight Outta Iowa
Strolling Fitness Sisterhood Circle
Super Sweet Sugary Sorors
Super Zeta Moms
Sweet Southern Pearls
Table for Zeta
Tea EnthusiastZ
TeacherZ BlueZ
Tennessee Pearls
Tennessee Virtual Pearls
The Beadz of My Heart are Crying ZΦΒ!
The Blu Pageturners
The Blue Angels – Tau Pi Zeta of Riverview
The Blue HeartbeatZ
The Blue Pearlz
The Blue Tiger Doves
The Blutiful BTZ Doves
The Dovely Divas Book Club
The Fabulouz Five
The Faithful
The Faithful Few
The Finer 5
The Finer Five
The Finer Lives of Sigma Wives
The Finer Side of HR
The Finer Taste of Life
The Finest CreationZ
The Five Doves of Distinction
The Five Pearls of Bluedozen
The Great 8 Debaye
The Johnson 5
The ladies of ’89
The Lovely Dovely Ladies-Tau Pi Zeta of Riverview
The Magnificent 7
The New Orleans Five
The Original ZSC
The Phabulous Phenoms
The PHIve PearlZof DiZtinction
The R.I.S.E of the Blue Phoenix, Zeta women Representing, Influencing, Serving, and Excelling.
The Roots of Sisterhood
The Roots of Sisterhood – Circle 2
The Roots of Sisterhood – Circle 3
The Spoons
The Tie that Binds
The White Rose Society
The White Rose Society
The WINEnosseurs
The Zealous Zeta’s of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
The Zeta Way from Boule
Them Frostburg Girlz
Thoughtful Mindz
Tiffany Jordan
TPZ-Phiner Women of 5 PearlZ
Transitional Doves
Traveling Divaz and Pearlz
Traveling Dovez
Traveling Fit Curls
Traveling PearlZ: AdventurerZ
Traveling PearlZ: CruiserZ
Traveling PearlZ: JetsetterZ
True Blue
True Sisterhood
Tyler-Goings Sister Circle
Unbroken Bond of Pearls
Undeniably Zeta
Unique Women of Pearls
Universal Tour Circle
Unparalleled DimenzionZ of Blue
UTZ Sisterhood Circle
Vice LadieZ – 1st Anti
Viola Centennial Sisterhood
Vivacious 23-2
Vivacious Sisters
Walking BY Faith
Walking in our S.H.O.E.
we are one
We Are One Too!
We Care, I Care, We Care
We Grow Zetas
We Grow Zetas, Too
When You’re Finer & You Know It…Clap Your Hands
White Roses
World Class Posse
X-cursion PearlZ
Z Circle of Truth
Z Heart of Zeta
Z-Connection: “THE” 2020 Sisterhood Circle
Z-L.O.V.E.: Zeta Ladies of Victory and Encouragement
Z.E.A.L. For 2020 (Zetas Embracing A Legacy)
Z.N.A. (Zeta Nurses in Action)
Z/S.W.A.P. (Zeta/Sistas With A Purpose)
Z4Z (Zealous for Zeta)
ZEAL Estate
Zealous Zeta Moms on the Go
Zenzational Sisters 2017
Zestful Zetas Who Serve
ZETA about OUR BuZiness…..
Zeta Blue for JSU
Zeta Blue for JSU 2
Zeta Blue for JSU 3
Zeta Blue Hearts
Zeta BrideZ 2B
Zeta Daughters
Zeta G.E.M.s
Zeta Honeymooners
Zeta Honeymooners (1st Boule'; Less than 2 years in Zeta)
Zeta NightingaleZ
Zeta on the RisZ
Zeta Phi Beta Educators
Zeta Saturday Brunch
Zeta Servants of God
Zeta Shenanigans
Zeta Sisters of Riverview
Zeta Sisters United
Zeta Waymakers
Zeta’s and All ThatZ Football
Zeta’s and All ThatZ Football 2
Zeta’s in the Kitchen
Zeta’s Journey
Zeta’s VisZion
Zeta’s with Crafty Hands Always Make a Statement
Zetas – MD.VA Connection
Zetas at EaZe
Zetas in Public Health – Finer Womanhood
Zetas in Public Health – Women of Intellect and Wisdom
Zetas of Higher Learning
Zetas of the Fleur de Lis
Zetas of the Sea
Zetas on FIRE
Zetas on the Move!
Zetas on the road to MSW
Zetas on the Run
Zetas Run The World
Zetas Run this Town
Zetas That Brunch
Zetas that Brunch Too
Zetas who Paint
Zetas working together to evolve
Zetas- From Coast to Coast
Zkitchen Ztips
ZOL Sisters
ZOL2015Table 38 TrailBlazers & Innovators Part I
ZOLTable38 Trailblazers & Innovators Part II