Circle of Pearls Donors as of June 5, 2017

Note: If there are any corrections with how your name is listed, please click here to log into your visionary account and update the Certificate name. The donor list will be updated quarterly.

Alice L.Smith Richardson
Andrea C. Scott
Angela Jenkins Hardison
Arlene MJ Taylor
Brenda S. Williams
Darlene T. Sparks
Donalda Leigh Smith
Donna E. Anderson, Esq.
Dr. Rosalind Pijeaux Hale
Dr. Siniva Tulua Walker
Elizabeth Thomas Reeves, M.D.
Ernestine Wilson
Gloria Taylor-Bouknight
Gwendolyn Banks Hogans
Inez V. Clark
IrisEllena Calder
Jamie E Butler
Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.
Kathleen Turner Thomas
Kathryn Davis Williams
Kimberlynn M Heller, DO
Lisa Anderson
Lona B Matthews
Mary Anne Tillman, M.D.
Maxine CJones Bryant
Maxine Moore-Allen
Michelle W. Russell
Monica S. Jones
Natasha Sunday Clarke
Nell Williams Ingram
Patricia A. Thomas
Pauline Elizabeth Holness-Gibson
Reba Freeman
Rita F. Woods
Royce Taylor Adams
Shameka Latrice Moss
Shirley Fitzgerald Corry
Susan Denita Johnson
T. Diane Surgeon, Esq.
Tina L. Johnson