Legend Donors

Legend Donors as of September 5, 2019

Note: If there are any corrections with how your name is listed, please click here to log into your visionary account and update the Certificate name. The donor list will be updated quarterly.

Aleta Harper
Alma L Cooper
Barbara S Gardner
Bridget L. Everett
Cheryl Garner Williams
Cheryl Lynne Johnson
Christina Ann Bolden White
Danielle N. May
Deborah A. Carter
Dr. Alberta G. J. Mayberry
Dr. Natoya Simone Elizabeth Hill
Eugenia M Rodgers

Eunice E Samuels-Lewis ****
Freda M Covington
Gayle M. Jeffries
Janice Middleton Maxwell
Jo Ann Rice
Keisha C. Lemon
Kendra Hatcher King
Lois Lee
Mala B. Walker
Melody D. Byrd
Monica Rae Lewis
Myesha E. Mebane

Olivia Nicole Horace
Pamela L. King
Raisha E. Cobb
Shannon Barrow McGuire-Lee
Sonya W. Gardner
Soror G. Joanne Yarde
Stacy L Rayon
Tama Smith
Tamra D. Jackson, CPA
Tenesha L. Overby
Tjwana M. Dennis

**** Triumphant Soror