Questions Title Email Address
General Questions/Concerns Centennial Commission Chair
Established Centennial Initiatives and Projects Centennial Project Manager
Sponsorship Package Centennial Sponsorship Chair
Announcements, Dropbox, Photo/Video Submissions, Quarterly Report Centennial Director of Communications
Events/Initiatives/Stories Centennial Public Relations Team
2020 Visionaries Centennial Visionaries Team
Global Service Projects Centennial Service Team
Centennial Passport Centennial Exchange
Submit Ideas for the Centennial Centennial Commission
Centennial Logo/Images Used Inappropriately Centennial Violation Team
Centennial Licensed Vendor Centennial Licensing Team
Zeta Centennial Licensed Vendor Centennial Licensing Team
Centennial Licensed Project/Centennial CD Centennial Projects Team
Centennial Exchange Centennial Finance Team
Regional Visionary Coordinators Centennial Regional Coordinator Visionary Team
Scholarship Reporting Centennial Scholarship Team
Sisterhood Circle Sisterhood Circle Team
Calendar Questions and Submission Centennial Events Team