Faith of Our Founders

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About the Devotionals

The purpose of Faith of Our Founders is to speak to the soul of women, women who juggle family, career educational pursuits and community service. We often speak of care of our minds and bodies and too often our spirit goes lacking in being refreshed and renewed. The emphasis of this work is to address the spiritual side of our lives and how the guiding principles of Zeta’s Founders of scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood can inspire all to lead FINER lives. To encourage, restore and renew the reader.

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The hearts and spirits of readers will be uplifted, renewed and connected to the Ideals of Zeta. Readers will gain inspiration and confidence that there is hope of not facing tomorrow  alone because  God is with us. As we read the book, our souls are encouraged, our spirits are uplifted, our minds are expanded and Christ is exalted. These short daily devotions will encourage readers to set priorities, propel them towards their goals and dreams, and how to use their gifts and talents for God and  keep a proper perspective.  Readers will enjoy reading about familiar situations as it relates to our founding principles.  They can easily make connections between their individual lives and their activities in their communities and the real-life vignettes and see themselves in the different characters.

These daily devotionals are for everyone. It could be read by anyone who wishes to strengthen their walk with the Lord.  This devotional is for anyone that will read it.  This book is full of encouraging words. These daily devotionals will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it, gender and organizational affiliation notwithstanding, God’s word and words of encouragement are applicable to all.