Dear Sorors,

tearte-profileNinety-five years ago on the campus of Howard University, five women stepped up to create an organization that would be action-oriented, scholastically advanced, engaged in their communities, and embody the true meaning of finer womanhood. They created this zealous organization that we all hold so dear to our hearts. Today as we honor our Founders’ and celebrate 95 years of service, we are also stepping into the next level of achievement, the Centennial. I am so excited to lead you as we launch our Journey to Centennial.

Over the next five years, we will be taking the time to recognize the greatness of our Founders , strengthen our principles, and exhibit to the world the community-conscious, action-oriented leaders Zeta Women are.

There are a lot of exciting initiatives and programming that will be launching along the way, including becoming a major donor of Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. You can read all about the Centennial events and official programs here on our Centennial website.

This year I’m asking you all to reflect on our principle of Finer Womanhood. What does Finer Womanhood mean to you? What do you think Finer Womanhood meant to our Founders? Think about how you will embody and carry this Essence of Finer Womanhood throughout the year.

Sorors, I hope you are looking forward to this Journey as much as I am.

It is going to be a trip of a lifetime!

Bon Voyage!

Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte
20th International Grand Basileus
Centennial Commission Chair